Monday, 7 March 2016

Create A smile Stamps - Tags!

Hi everyone! Adding a simple tag to a small gift is always a great idea, don't you think? Sometimes, when I need to give a gift to a friend or just a little pick-me-up and I have no cards in hand, I'll add a little tag to the gift. Here are some tag ideas you can recreate using only ONE stamp set.

I started by cutting myself some tag shapes with my watercolour paper. You can buy some watercolour tags but I find that when I cut them myself, I can get the size and shape that I want.

I used Distress Ink Walnut Stain to stamp all my images. I had no intention of doing a no-line colouring but I didn't want the lines to turn out too sharp like if I use black ink. And I kind of like the vintage look that brown outline gives.

You notice that I did not stamp any of the images right in the middle. I wanted to give the tag a big of "movement" and some added interest without adding layers to the tag. Try doing this to add image you have for your next project and I bet you'll like it ;)

Once your image is dry, all plenty of clean water around the image and drop some colours and let the water spread the pigment out. You can help it by using just a clean wet brush to push the colours away. This gives a soft "halo" to the image. 

Stamps : 

Create A Smile Stamps - Doctor's Helpers

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