Monday, 8 February 2016

Create A Smile Stamp - Rainbows!

Hi everyone! Last week, I shared a card with a colour combination that I'm not reaching out for very often, or even, ever. But today, I'm using a colour scheme that everyone is familiar with - RAINBOW! It's the easiest colour scheme but yet, it's makes something very eye catching. And also, you get to use a lot of your supplies that you've bought ;)

Creating and colouring a full background can be quite time-consuming. But sometimes, we might need a last minute card. Today, I'm sharing with you some tips on time saving when making a card.

Alphabet stamp sets are awesome for many reasons but one of my favourite reason is, they make awesome background stamps. If take a look at the image below, I have placed as much of the alphabets as possible on the watercolour paper. By doing this, I can use a stamping press to pick up all the alphabets are stamped all of them at once. If you don't have a stamping press, you can use the acrylic from your die-cut machine. 

I'm using VersaMark to stamp the alphabets and this method of stamping saved me a lot of time. If you stamped them one by one, you might have to heat embossed it very couple of alphabets because you can't see where you have stamped previously. Hope you get what I'm trying to say :) 

After I've heat embossed all the alphabets, I just added smaller signs from the stamp set to fill in some of the spaces. You can skip this step if you want to. 

Next is my favourite part. Choose any watercolour medium of your choice. Distress inks, markers, watercolour pencils/markers, etc. I used Daler Rowney Watercolour Set. If you scroll back up and look at the card, I wasn't colouring the individual alphabets. I just added the colours loosely :) 

Add your sentiment in a dark bold colour and you're all done!

Materials Used : 

Create A Smile - Kleine Worte Dies
Create A Smile - Crystal Letters (Lower Case)

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  1. gorgeous rainbow card!!!.. checked card you said you posted last time and i dont know why you would stress out on it:) i thot i would let you know what i learned from someone else. if you make a card you dont like just go on. its okay. its a learning experience which we all know about. by the way, i liked it:) and thats how funny humans like me are..;) thanks for giving of your inspiration:)

  2. oh wooow I love how you made that color like melted on your paper
    cool effect Marina
    I am not an experiment girl but will try your idea on this card
    cool I love this card Marina
    see you maybe on my Blog and you can see my background on my cards :)
    Monika from Germany


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