Monday, 8 June 2015

One Layer Card - Watercolouring with Twinkling H2Os

Hi everyone! Today I'm continuing with my one-layer card ideas for Create A Smile. I really love making one-layer cards because it challenges me to try different layout but still keep it one layer. Also, all the cardstock I save on is just a bonus! :D 

For this card, I'm using some Twinkling H2Os as my watercolour medium. I started off by dropping some water into the pots to get it started because it dries in storage. While the water is doing the work, I'll start with the stamping.

Twinkling H2Os are amazing products that already have some iridescent shimmer in it so you don't have to add another layer of shimmering products. 

I used the flower from the Botanical Love set and concentrate on the bottom edge of the card. I've made some masks for the flowers so that I can stamp more flowers next to each other.

I've added some smaller leaves from the same set to finish the bottom area. In the final card, you can see that I've added some falling leaves just to finish the look.

I used my water brush to colour the images. I just dip the brush in the pot like I would do for regular watercolour palette. 

I'm not an expert but this is how I do it. I like to add the colours to the areas that I think should be the darkest first. I will then clean my brush and just drag the colour out to the rest of the image. This allows be to get a nice gradient.

Check out the shimmer you can see on the leaves. It's the same for the flowers :) 

Materials Used : 

Create A Smile - Botanical Love
Twinkling H2O - Think Pink   


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