Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Paper Flowers Tutorial

I'm always trying to find ways to cut cost and this isn't a new idea but I've decided to make my own flowers. Of course, I would still purchase some flowers that I can't make but I'm working on making different kinds. I would like to share with you one of them :)

I think they turned out quite pretty :) So here's how you make them. 

You will need : 
A paper piercer (if you don't have it, scissors would work too)
Foam for you to put your flowers on so that you wont destroy your work surface.
Cardstocks or anything thicker than a regular typing paper would work best.
Brads (or glue, but brads are better)
1" Scallop circle punch (you can use any size, depending on how big you want your flowers to be)
Mists (ink pads, paints, will do too. This is all up to you)

Punch out 8 pieces. I've tried out 4 and 6 but I love the thickness with 8 papers. Spray or ink up your scallops. I spray them front and back. Again, this is up to you and how you would like your flowers to  look. 

Spray your papers with a bit of water to soften them so that you can make crinkles. If you're using mists/sprays you don't need to do this. If is too wet, wait a while or heat it slightly or else it might tear.

Open the papers slowly as they will still be wet and stack them up. Poke them at the centre with your scissors or paper piercer. 

Secure it with a brad. It doesn't matter what colour as it will not be seen. 

Crunch up the papers again, layer by layer.

Until it looks like this

Then slowly open up the bottom layers slightly, depending how you would like your flowers to look.

My flowers came out very firm after they are dry because I used cardstock and I can't wait to use them on my projects. Have fun!


  1. Wow Marina, great tutorial and equally awesome flowers :)

  2. Marina..woooww I love thos flowers great tutorial and thanks for sharing..I think good idea to save some money to buy antoher more things and make flower self..love your flower looks like it made by cloth...hugs from Germany, Monika


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